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We at FH-INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING CO. LTD. work in many different areas at the same time such as infrastructure, urban planning, energy, environment, construction, industry, oil & gas. Characteristic of our organization is that many of our projects are multi-disciplinary and we are used to working together in multidisciplinary teams. In this way, employees will at an early stage in the project customize solutions for all improvements needed, leading to a more efficient implementation.


FH-INTERNATIONAL specializes in helping pharmaceutical companies establishing and constructing new facilities. Our specialists are involved in the conception, planning and building of pharmaceutical facilities.
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Today, buildings are a natural part of our lives which constructs the society and also reflects on our epoch. We have therefore decided not to lean back and work beside with our era, our goal will be to cooperate with the future.
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Sustainable development is one of our keynotes in our work. Therefore is the contribution to a reduced climatic influence one of our biggest goals within environment.

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Transportation improves the commerce and quality of life of people in a region. These transportation systems require continuous improvement and maintenance to keep track of the increasing traveling public.
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From our take-off, we have rapidly developed and expanded our expertise in the construction within various types of industry. We generally work with buildings for producing activity, but also for other types of premises.
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